The first ever TEDxOrange will happen on Friday 20 November 2015 at the Orange Regional Conservatorium. Our theme is localization and our goal is to bring together thought leaders – out of towners and locals – to talk about ideas worth spreading. We want to surprise and delight our audiences, talk about different ways of doing the things that matter and provoke conversations that make change.

TEDxOrange is a full-day event with a live audience of 100 people – that’s all TEDx will let us to have. But for us, TEDxOrange is a lot bigger than that. There’s so much interest in our community that we’ll be sharing the event with everyone who wants to be part of it. We’ll be live streaming on the day so that, wherever they are, people can watch or groups can hold TEDx Live (link to TEDxOrange Live page) gatherings at home, school or work.

After the event, videos of each speaker and musician will go up on the TEDxOrange website, the TEDx YouTube channel and the TED website.

TEDx has bias-free programming – you won’t be seeing speakers who have commercial, religious or political agendas.