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CCT came into existence in November 2005 when an over-excited 15-year-old Mitch decided that he was OK at this computer thing. So he got an ABN and a business name (with his Mum because no one would let a 15 year old run a business now would they!) and started fixing friends’ computers. Then he hit a problem: a lot of friends and friends of friends started seeking his assistance.

By the time Mitch’s HSC came around, instead of studying Mitch was preparing to install PCs and a server into a doctors’ surgery. Since then, CCT has grown out of the parents’ basement and into their own office in January 2012. Along the way they’ve hired staff and solved the world’s IT problems one SME at a time.

CCT doesn’t specialise in any specific Industry. They focus on knowing where to find the specialist for each unique problem. Over the past 7 years a lot of this has rubbed off! Everything from making MYOB run fast to quoting and installing virtual servers, hosting email and generally being real people who translate IT into things that really work.


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IDR digital

People focused. Purpose driven. Web design that works.

IDR digital is built on the simple desire to create visually stunning, hard working websites that actually transform website visitors into loyal customers. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in need of effective and affordable web design, or an industry leader requiring a cutting-edge website that scales with your business, we will work hand-in-hand with you to bring your website to life. We consider how people engage with your site, and design with conversion methodology front and centre. What’s more, we’ve got a pretty good handle on the digital landscape, and can easily guide you through the “web” of digital marketing. We develop online strategies that encourage visitors to your website and convert them into customers. When you work with IDR digital, you don’t have to have all the answers. We’ll get a little up close and personal so we can garner a clear understanding of your brand and the experience you want to create. And then we just make it happen.

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Optus Satellite is Australia’s leading satellite provider. With the largest fleet of satellites in Australia and New Zealand, we can keep you connected with coverage across 100% of Australia. We’ve got a range of satellite solutions which can provide satellite phone and internet connectivity, broadcast services and international communication access for businesses of all sizes.

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Orange City Council

Orange City Council is pleased to support TEDxOrange and the innovation that can spring from the sharing of quality ideas. Getting the balance right between building a stable community and finding new solutions to today’s challenges is a task the council tackles every day.

From pioneering leading-edge solutions in waste management and storm water harvesting to constructing landmark pieces of infrastructure such as the Orange Regional Museum and the new airport terminal, Orange City Council strives for excellence while having both feet firmly on the ground.

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Parkview Hotel

The Parkview Hotel is one of Orange’s original grand hotels. Beautifully refurbished, its relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect place to dine, enjoy drinks with friends or stay for the weekend.

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Pigot Miller Wilson

We’re a business advisory and accounting firm based in Orange NSW. We’re young and dynamic and we like being good at what we do. We like small businesses. We’re curious about what you do, how you run your business and why you get out of bed in the morning. We like results and we know how to get them. Finding solutions, progress and your business success are all things that help us sleep better. We like evolution of things. Small changes can take a business forward and we’re always hunting for innovative ways to make a difference. Implementing change is awesome. We like meeting people. It’s interesting for us to get to know you and for you to share your story so we can do our best work and get the best outcome for you. We’re well versed at business services, taxation, strategic and financial planning, and audit. Being a trusted advisor goes beyond being a good accountant and we take this very seriously.

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TAFE Western

TAFE Western is regional NSW’s largest specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider with more than 60 years’ experience.

Servicing a geographic footprint of more than 502,000 kilometres, from Broken Hill to Lithgow and Lightning Ridge to Grenfell, TAFE Western currently supports more than 31,000 students through 24 rural and regional colleges.

With more than 200 courses available, TAFE Western prides itself on exceptional customer service and ensuring our students have access to the absolute best in learning facilities.

To meet the challenges of operating across its vast region, which is more than half of NSW, TAFE Western has developed strengths in the innovative and flexible use of technology, mobile delivery units, flexible workshops, videoconferencing and other techniques which bring successful training opportunities to people throughout our region.

The innovative, and award-winning, TAFE Western Connect initiative draws together these strategies and positions TAFE Western as the inspiration for educational leadership and flexible delivery methodologies throughout and beyond western NSW.

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The Sally Foundation

The Sally Foundation is a philanthropic fund run by Mike and Geraldine Roche.  It is named after Geraldine’s maternal grandmother Sally, who sailed to Australia from England in the early 1900s.

 “Originally from a well-to-do family, Sally’s life was one of significant struggle in rural Queensland, and her determination, gentle ways and always seeing the best in a situation provided the inspiration for our foundation,” said Geraldine.

 Sally’s legacy is a foundation that invests in projects that help rural people become self-reliant and resilient.  For Mike and Geraldine, shared philosophies are the key to successful partnerships.  Experience has also taught them that, “…we have to do a project that the people want, not what the guy with the money thinks they want.”

Sally Foundation divides its energies between helping youth in regional and rural communities in Australia, and disadvantaged communities in Zimbabwe.

Mike and Geraldine have been exploring options for a new Australian project for Sally, and will announce a new partnership in Orange in late 2015.

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