CCT came into existence in November 2005 when an over-excited 15-year-old Mitch decided that he was OK at this computer thing. So he got an ABN and a business name (with his Mum because no one would let a 15 year old run a business now would they!) and started fixing friends’ computers. Then he hit a problem: a lot of friends and friends of friends started seeking his assistance.

By the time Mitch’s HSC came around, instead of studying Mitch was preparing to install PCs and a server into a doctors’ surgery. Since then, CCT has grown out of the parents’ basement and into their own office in January 2012. Along the way they’ve hired staff and solved the world’s IT problems one SME at a time.

CCT doesn’t specialise in any specific Industry. They focus on knowing where to find the specialist for each unique problem. Over the past 7 years a lot of this has rubbed off! Everything from making MYOB run fast to quoting and installing virtual servers, hosting email and generally being real people who translate IT into things that really work.


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October 18, 2015