TAFE Western

TAFE Western

TAFE Western is regional NSW’s largest specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider with more than 60 years’ experience.

Servicing a geographic footprint of more than 502,000 kilometres, from Broken Hill to Lithgow and Lightning Ridge to Grenfell, TAFE Western currently supports more than 31,000 students through 24 rural and regional colleges.

With more than 200 courses available, TAFE Western prides itself on exceptional customer service and ensuring our students have access to the absolute best in learning facilities.

To meet the challenges of operating across its vast region, which is more than half of NSW, TAFE Western has developed strengths in the innovative and flexible use of technology, mobile delivery units, flexible workshops, videoconferencing and other techniques which bring successful training opportunities to people throughout our region.

The innovative, and award-winning, TAFE Western Connect initiative draws together these strategies and positions TAFE Western as the inspiration for educational leadership and flexible delivery methodologies throughout and beyond western NSW.

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November 2, 2015