TEDxLive enables you to stream the TEDxOrange conference straight into living room, workplace or community gathering. Watch it live here.

TEDxOrange Live

The next best thing to attending TEDxOrange is watching it live online – TEDxOrange live.  On the day, we’ll be streaming the event.  If you have internet access, you can be (virtually) in the TEDxOrange conference room with us.

Our high speed broadband streaming will let you immerse yourself in ideas worth spreading in real time.  You can watch online from work or home.

Or you can take it up a notch, connect the computer to the TV and invite some people to watch with you.  TEDxLive events have been held in cafes, bookstores, workplaces and living rooms all over the world.

We already have people in England, the United States and Spain looking planning their TEDxOrange live gatherings!

TAFE Western has grabbed the opportunity with both hands and will be streaming the event to campuses across Western NSW.  Lucky students!

Other workplaces will be streaming TEDxOrange for their teams. We’ll tell you about them as they come online.

Finally, we’re hoping that TEDxOrange will be shown in public places as well. Stay tuned!